Coco Loco is a fun, high-energy Latin band that transcends traditional boundaries to appeal to a wide audience. The band plays arrangements of popular classics from Cuba, Colombia, Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela. Don’t be surprised to hear a bit of the Beatles and American pop slip into these arrangements as well. Coco Loco also plays original tunes composed by band members.

Coco Loco has been performing in Puget Sound festivals, on stages, and for events since 2004. The band currently includes 3 South Americans, and 2 North Americans. This combination of musicians results in a rich blend of Latin styles, jazz, rock and pop. Singing voices combined with percussion, piano, bass and trombone produce contagiously inviting performances appropriate for all ages and nationalities.

Influences on the bands sound and arrangements come from Cuban greats Beny More, Isaac Delgado, Chucho Valdes; salsa greats Willie Colon and Celia Cruz; Santana and the Beatles.


FerchoBioFernando “Pocho” Allende  (latin percussion, vocals) is a Chilean-born drummer, percussionist, and vocalist who started his musical career as one of the pioneers of South American “beat” music, working with Palito Ortega and Luis Dimas. He started his career as one of the pioneers of South American “beat” music. Fernando learned rhythms from local musicians throughout South and Central America and shared his knowledge when he became the musical advisor to Don Francisco’s “Sabados Gigantes”. He moved to the west coast in 1980 and since then has participated in our vibrant Latin scene. He is currently a member of Deseo Carmin in addition to Coco Loco.


AnnitaBioAnn “Ann-ita” Reynolds, (keyboards, vocals) New York-born pianist and vocalist, became a member of the Seattle jazz scene in the 1990s. Ann is infatuated with the Cuban culture and musical greats such as Chucho Valdes and Beny More. She travels to Cuba on a yearly pilgrimage to study at La Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana. Ann currently plays in the 16 piece “Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra” which traveled to Peru to perform at the Lima Jazz Festival and in the 5-piece latin jazz quintet, Clave Gringa, which features her compositions.


StellaBioStella Rossi (vocals, percussion and dancing) Our lead singer and dancer extraordinaire was born in Paraguay. Stella’s dynamic performance has entertained in the Northwest in many groups in recent years. She brings her authentic presentation of South American songs and dancing into CocoLoco. Stella also leads the flamenco-rock fusion group, Deseo Carmin.


NaomiBioNaomi Siegel (trombone and percussion) Naomi Siegel is a multifaceted trombonist who can play a variety of styles including African, Latin, experimental, jazz and reggae music. After receiving a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz trombone performace from the Oberlin Conservatory in 2006, Naomi has been gracing the west coast with her fresh trombone stylings. You can also see Naomi playing in Picoso, Thione Diop’s Afro Groove, Jefferson Rose Band, Wayne Horvitz’s Conductance and in her duo Syrinx Effect.


HugoBioHugo Taylor (electric bass and vocal) was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. In the 80s he played wth Fernando Allende in La Casita, the first latin music club in the NW (Lynnwood, WA). Later he was part of the Classic Rock band Get Back. In the 90s he played with Tirso Martin in Miami and then returned to Seattle to perform with the Fanatics. In addition to Coco Loco, Hugo plays in the Three Dog Night tribute band, Shambala, and the classic rock dance band, Brain Storm.